North Face Farm ~ Dunstable, MA

My friend Maria keeps sheep and working border collies, and I spent a fabulous day with her last weekend. I learned lots.

For instance: Llamas guard sheep from predators and take their job quite seriously.

This is Rambo with one of his appreciative sheep. Image

Lambs sure are cute. (OK, I already knew that one.)


But I never realized how pretty their mamas are. Image


Border collies enjoy their work, and take it seriously. This is Cooper. cooper2 cooperintent

Levi waits and watches. Levi Sheep really enjoy their food – and the people that carry it for them. (Rambo spotted me with the camera and dared me to come closer. I declined. )Maria bringing hay to the sheep Watching Maria work with her canine partners was a real treat. If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch dogs doing the work they were born to do, you are missing out. I loved taking their photos, and will be posting more soon.

For more information about Maria, her dogs, and her livestock, please visit the North Face Farm website. 


9 thoughts on “North Face Farm ~ Dunstable, MA

  1. Love it. I spent an afternoon several years ago watching and photographing border collies work with a flock of sheep. It really is excitting.

  2. Amazing site! I love your photography. It’s really inspiring to see how you capture the world. I look forward to seeing what you have to come.

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